Life as we know it

Life as we knew it,

started simple as it could get,

our responsibilities as we know them,

grew on with time’s steps.

Life as we knew it,

it wasn’t always a fit,

sometimes we fall and sit,

the vibes we emit.

Life as we knew it,

a simple gaze into the past ,

a childhood full of laughter,

not as easy for us to forget,

Life as we know it,

still has its ups and downs ,

some of those roundabouts,

yet we still wonder,

how much more can we discover?

Life as we know it,

thoughts on dreams,

the fears unwrap,

a simple path for us to ponder,

but how long can it last?

Life as we know it,

why must it be so short lived,

time is must for this adventure,

how cruel for this to be the cycle of life,

but sometimes I wonder,

what awaits in the light.

Life as we know it,

another day went by,

one last moment embraced as we parted,

string of goodbyes.

Life as we know it,

the memories we have collected,

the days we have spent,

I feel so conflicted,

as the past becomes the past,

the things we have left behind,

those chances we didn’t take,

the moments we awaited ,


the we chose to live,

Life as we know it.

I believe this poem addresses the typical life; all the struggles and difficulties that we go through now compared to sweet taste of childhood. When we were younger, there wasn’t much to worry about and we’d never be alone but as you grow up, you need to begin to develop skills of in-dependency. There’s a lot of weight and pressure that gets put on you as you grow up and your responsibilities increase but that’s just how life is. All of our actions determine our lives and how we choose to live it.



  1. unas1 · June 18, 2019 at 7:44 am ·

    Dear Faryal,

    This piece was stunning and in a way nostalgic. I really enjoyed reading it, and the following lines, I thought, were particularly outstanding:
    Life as we know it,
    another day went by,
    one last moment embraced as we parted,
    string of goodbyes.
    I also appreciated how you didn’t rhyme every single word with another, you rhymed specific words at specific moments that crafted a more humble sort of vibe while I read through the poem.

    Although the poem was exceptional, I did just find that the flow was slightly interrupted because of a comma in a wrong place after “awaited.” Other than that, I think this piece is perfect.
    I look forward to reading your next post!


    • blissfullyunaware · June 19, 2019 at 8:22 pm ·

      Dear Unas,

      First of all, I appreciate that you took your time to read my pieces. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I definitely agree with the suggestion that you have provided and I will look over to fix up the punctuation errors. Thank you!